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  1. Under normal usage condition, we will provide one-year warranty for the product and five-year warranty for the compressor (excluding repair and transportation charges) from the date of purchase. Any defective part which has been replaced shall become the company's property.
  2. Free service of this warranty does not cover:
    1. damage arose from transportation or improper disconnection;
    2. routine inspection/adjustment or conversion of any kind (e.g. line operating voltage/frequency or receiving frequency or receiving frequency);
    3. transportation/packing charges, re-export or re-importation duties and other related charges;
    4. external parts such as cabinet, front panel, knobs, remote controller, batteries and all the accessories.
  3. For out-lying island service, reasonable travelling fee will be charged, in case workshop service is necessary, the customer will be responsible for delivering the machine to and from our service centre.
  4. This warranty is invalid in the following case;
    1. damages arose from alterations, accident, misuse or abuse, negligence, natural calamities, power interruption or abnormal voltage input and not conforming to those specified in the Owner's Instructions;
    2. alteration, defacement or removal of serial number(s);
    3. alteration to the warranty registration card / warranty card;
    4. using the product for trade, business, non-residential purpose;
    5. modification, alteration or repair of the products by persons other than the authorized personnel of the company service department.
  5. The company only provides service at any time during normal business hours and under safety environment.
  6. No free warranty will be provided unless you have completed the warranty register within 10 days from the date of purchase. Customers have to pay HK$150 administrative charge for the overdue warranty register.
  7. Please retain the warranty card and present it together with the official invoice/receipt to our technician during each service.
  8. The company will not be liable for any loss directly or indirectly caused from breakdown of the equipment.
  9. Warranty is valid for Hong Kong and Macau only (under general circumstances no outdoor service provided in Macau).
  10. The above terms and conditions are subject to change by the company without giving prior notice to customer.
  1. 由購買日起計於正常使用下提供壹年免費保用,壓縮機享有五年保用(不包括維修及運費)‧經更換後之任何損壞零件,將歸屬本公司‧
  2. 免費保用不包括下列各點:
    1. 因運輸或拆卸不當而導致的損壞‧
    2. 電壓/頻率之更改,日常檢查及調校‧
    3. 產品的包裝費/運輸費及再出入口關稅或任何相關的費用‧
    4. 外殼、面板、掣扭、遙控器、電池及所有附件的更換‧
  3. 如需要服務之離島客戶,須付本公司所訂之合理交通費,若器材需回廠維修,客戶需負責將產品送往本公司之服務中心‧
  4. 在下列情況,本保用証將會自動失效:
    1. 產品如受天然災害而引致損壞或因電壓不正常導致機件操作不靈及使用時不依照使用說明書指示而引致之人為損壞‧
    2. 機身編號曾被塗改或除去‧
    3. 保用登記証/保用証曾被塗改‧
    4. 將本產品用作工、商,或非住宅用途‧
    5. 產品曾被非本公司技術員修理、改裝或使用不合規格之零配件‧
  5. 一切服務袛在本公司辦公時間內及安全工作環境下提供‧
  6. 請於購買日起計10天內登記保用資料, 否則不受免費保用, 逾期登記保用者,客戶須繳付行政費用HK$150, 保用手續才正式生效‧
  7. 請妥存保用証及購機發票/正式收據正本,并於修理服務時向本公司技術員出示,方為有效‧
  8. 本公司將不負責由於器材損壞而直接或間接招致之任何損失‧
  9. 本保用證袛適用於香港及澳門(一般情況下澳門不設外勤維修服務)‧
  10. 本公司有權隨時修訂上述條款,而無須先行通知客戶‧